Water resources web applications for the 21st century.

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Tethys Platform has been designed to lower the barrier to water resources web app development. Convey your models and data as interactive web apps.

Tethys SDK

Tethys web apps are built using a Python-powered Software Development Kit. In addition to the tools provided by Tethys, you can incorporate any Python module that your app needs to work with your models and data.


Data is at the core of any modern web app. Tethys Platform provides an API for incorporating data that is published using CKAN instances like data.gov or HydroShare.

Cloud Analysis

Need more computing power to run your models? Create a Tethys web app that will run your analysis in the cloud. Scale computing nodes to match demand using commercial clouds like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.


Contemporary web users expect beautiful, interactive interfaces. Tethys Platform provides Gizmos that allow you to insert common user interface elements into your app with minimal coding. With Gizmos, you can present your data using Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenLayers, or Highcharts.


Make your water resources models more accessible by creating a web app that makes it easier to edit model files, run the model, and view the results. Use your web app as a demonstration for stakeholders, as a finished product for clients, or as a teaching tool in the classroom.


Tethys Platform is equipped to work with your spatial datasets. The web GIS software suite provided by Tethys includes PostgreSQL with PostGIS for spatial SQL storage, GeoServer for spatial data publishing, and 52°North WPS with GRASS and Sextante enabled for geoprocessing.

A new way to use water resources models.

Water resources models can provide powerful insight during critical decision making, but it often takes an expert to equip a model for a new scenario. Use Tethys Platform to distill the most common scenario exploration exercises using your models into easy-to-use workflows and apps.